FabFitFun Winter Box 2013

When I saw a Spoiler pic of the Giving Keys necklace that would be in the Winter FabFitFun box, I knew that I had to have this box. This is by far the best subscription box I’ve ever received because I have a use for every product.
Here’s a quick peek inside the box
This was the product guide explaining why each item was put in the box. I love how detailed it is because it shows me that a lot of thought when into each piece. Even if I don’t like something per se, I know WHY it was chosen.
First product was the Lorna Jane bracelet with a 20% off code for Lorna Jane’s website. I was initially pretty excited about this, but I put it on for a few hours last night and I’ve decided it’s not really my style. I’m going to gift this to a friend. I’ve also read that these were special edition bracelets that are no longer made and only sold in Australia. I couldn’t find them on their US website, so there may be some truth to that ($30 value)
1-IMG_1529 1-IMG_1531
I couldn’t believe that these headphones are valued at $40, but I guess fancy earbuds are pretty pricey. Yowza! I’m not keen on the colors–in fact, I was hoping for either of the other color combos that they make, but I won’t complain. I also love the fact that there’s a sound splitter on it so you can have a friend hook into them. They’ll be great for plane trips so my husband and I can watch a movie.
I’ve never heard of this company but I’m all about pampering, especially in the winter. This is a face mask that boasts of making your face smooth and helping to fight aging. I also recently turned 30 and have a huge desire to use anything anti-aging, so this will get used probably today 🙂 ($19 value)
Update (12/22) I used this mask last night and I’m a huge fan! It was a little hard to get it positioned right and I’m sure I wasn’t using it perfectly, but it made my face feel so soft and the skin around my eyes tight. (for pics of me with the mask on and my ‘after’ results, check out my Instagram page–link in right column.) I even felt confident enough to leave the house sans makeup and that rarely happens.
Me Undies! Oh my gosh. This was a great bonus for me. I’ve read on other blogs about this company and have been wanting to try them for awhile. I’ve already scoped out the site and can’t wait to order something. Undies are $20 and they offer free shipping, which means FFF gave us a free pair of undies! Score. ($20 value)
Now, it’s time for my favorite piece! The Giving Key. This is the greatest piece of jewelry ever. Seriously. They are made by people transitioning out of homelessness, so each purchase is giving back in so many ways. The keys are also meant to be a karmic piece, in that you’re supposed to give it away when you find someone that needs it more than you. Thinking of parting with this beautiful piece gets me misty-eyed, but you can bet I will give it away when the time comes. Mine says “strength” ($55 value)
Since this is considered a fitness box, there has to be some kind of fitness in here, right? There’s a postcard with a unique code to redeem 5 classes from Physique 57. I love this more than anything. The winter for me makes me extremely lazy, so this will be a good way to get my lazy butt moving. ($25 value)
Ooh lip gloss! What girl doesn’t love lip gloss? This one has a mirror and a light in it to make it even more desirable. I haven’t tried it out yet but the color is pretty. ($22 value)
For the same reason I was excited about the mask, I’m excited for this eye cream. I have a fear of wrinkles around my eyes from all my years of squinting instead of wearing glasses. It also has a nice light smell and doesn’t smell too chemical-y. ($45 value)
There were some complaints online about these two “drugstore” products in the box, but they are considered bonus products. I have tons of cleanser around the house, but it’ll get used up eventually. The colors are a little daring for me, but I think they’ll be perfect for New Years Eve. (Nyx- $8 value, Simple $7.49 value)
I love this subscription box so much and almost wish that I would have ordered an extra one to give to a friend. I think you already know, but the winning piece for me?
I can’t even put into words how much I LOVE this! I want to go to their website and order more of them already.
The total value of this box was $271. I’m always more about the “did I get my money’s worth” than what it would cost to purchase these items. I paid $44.99 (with a coupon code) and yes, I definitely got my money’s worth. I’m already planning my budget for the beginning of next year so I can afford the Spring’s box.

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