Little Black Bag – Lucky Bag Giveaway

My friends always tell me I’m a really lucky person. I’ve never won the lottery but I’ve won a few cool things. Probably the coolest thing I won was a year’s worth of fruit roll-ups. Many people may think that’s lame, but let’s be honest. When you were 10 years old if a genie granted you a wish, it probably would have been for an endless supply of fruit roll-ups. Am I right?

I’m a huge lover of Little Black Bag’s site and I enter the Lucky Bag giveaway’s every chance I get, which is pretty much at least 60% of them. If you’re not familiar with LBB, it’s a website that offers lots of purses, accessories, jewelry and sometimes houseware. The website gives you a bundled price or a price to buy the item outright. For example, a purse may cost $39.95 to buy a bundle which could be valued at $50-90 on average, or you can just buy the item for $32.95 (these numbers are all estimated or hypotheticals from what I’ve witnessed on the site) If you buy a 2 or 3-item bundle, you’ll get the item you picked, as well as other mystery items. The best time to buy is when there’s an extra VIP gift (a few weeks ago, it was a candle) so you end up with a lot of bang for your buck. Almost all of the jewelry and purses I’ve bought lately have been from this site because it’s just so addicting.

Now, you’re probably like me and thinking “but what if I get something I hate. I’m soooooooo particular about my stuff” Fear not, my little friend. You get the option of trading! Your bag stays “open” for 7 days before it ships and you can keep accepting or declining trade requests until you’re blue in the face. I’ll get into the logistics of LBB in another post and maybe even show you some of my past LBB hauls, but for now I want to focus on the giveaway!

To enter the contest, all you have to do is visit their website (referral link) click the Giveaway link at the top and share the giveaway with your Facebook friends. It’s that easy! Seriously! Would I lie to you guys? I love following them on Facebook too because they always remind me about the giveaways and let me know whenever a stellar promotion is happening.

Here’s the email I received to let me know I was the lucky winner:

Talk about making my day! Now, I only have to mention one thing because it’s funny to me. This was one of the only purses that I’ve entered to win that I couldn’t see myself carrying–scratch that, I flat out DIDN’T like. Imagine my surprise when I found out that I could still participate in the trades. I started with this black bag and a pair of lightning bolt Jules Smith earrings. The earrings were cute, but they were small and dainty and I like long earrings. Those were quickly traded into a bracelet which I kept in my bag for a few days.

I’ve been eyeing this wine colored Pink Cosmo bag for ages and noticed that only 2 were available for trade. I figured that it was worth a shot and maybe the purse gods would be with me and sure enough they were. I got the purse I wanted!##@%@%@%@ Even better, the purse arrived on my door stop today just in time for Christmas.

This bag is EVERRRYYYYYY THING and the greatest Christmas present I could ask for with absolutely no cost to me, my friends or family! HA! I told my mom that I needed to have a baby because no joke, this thing can double as a purse, DSLR camera bag AND a diaper bag and I’ll still have leftover room. She told me they make bags like this so people can steal stuff. She never ceases to make me laugh.

As if this amazing Christmas present couldn’t have made me any happier, I also ended up with a pair of Via Spiga tights. In the picture on their site, I swear these things look black, but maybe the color on my laptop sucks or my eyes are just crappy. They aren’t black at all; in fact, the color is called iridescent gunmetal. I’m already planning an outfit around these babies:


Can you tell how winning this contest made my life? Cause it did.

I want to thank Little Black Bag for this awesome contest and for my new amazing bag and tights. An even bigger thanks goes out to whomever traded this purse for the black one I won.

Have you ever won anything? If so, what was it?



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