Glossybox December 2013

I know I’m late to the game on this, but oh my goodness. Glossybox beats all other beauty boxes out of the water. All this time I was babbling on and on about the greatness of Ipsy, someone should have informed me that Glossybox was where it’s really at.

When I saw a 3-month subscription deal on LivingSocial, I snatched it up almost immediately. I also had a 20% off promo code and ended up paying $36 for three months. (The LivingSocial deal is now sold-out for the 3-month subscription, but rumor is that you can still buy the 1-month sub on the LivingSocial app.) The retail value is $21 per month, so I’m extremely pleased with this deal but I’m kicking myself for not buying the 6 month one!

I have a problem with stalking the spoilers. Some people may say that it takes the fun and mystery out of subscription boxes, but I think it’s the best part. Yes, I’m also the girl that peeks at her Christmas presents, so I guess you could say I hate surprises. Since I saw the spoilers already, I knew there was no makeup in the box, which was a plus for me and extremely welcomed. (Please take note, Ipsy)

I’ve been stalking my box for the last week via the USPS website. I knew my box was coming today and sure enough, I came home with it waiting for me on the porch. Look how beautiful this thing is:


I don’t think I’ve ever received this nice of a box with any of my subscriptions. Just like a little kid, I’m almost just as excited about the box itself as its contents inside. We’re in the process of making a vanity, so this will be great on top of it for storage of my frequently used products.

The wrapping is immaculate and done with complete care:Image


If this doesn’t make you even more excited than there’s something wrong with you.

Like most boxes, there’s a card explaining the products in the box. I wish there was more of a description about why the products were chosen (similar to FabFitFun’s winter box) instead of just a blurb on the products.


I think you can sense a winter theme here: moisture and skincare. Living in cold Chicago with super dry skin, I appreciate this. No really, I do:


I’m really not into floral scents, but I actually like the smell of this body wash. It’s pretty light and isn’t overpowering as some floral scents are. I love taking baths so I’m wondering if this will hold up as a good bubble bath or not.Image

I was initially in love with this because of the bottle alone. I expected it to be more expensive, but at $5.50 retail for the full-sized product, this is extremely affordable and would make a great gift. The back of the bottle is my favorite part:


The consensus seems to be that the Michael Todd pumpkin mask is the crowd’s favorite item this month. I’d have to agree. It’s different enough that 95% of us probably don’t already have it but it’s not too weird that it won’t get used. It smells like canned pumpkin so I can’t wait to use this on my face. ($34 retail for full-sized product)


One thing I really love about these beauty boxes is discovering new brands. I have Birchbox to thank for discovering Fresh’s Sugar Lip treatment and Juice Beauty’s organic anti-aging line, now I have Glossybox to thank for Michael Todd.

The body wash and pumpkin mask were my two favorite items this month, but the other items still deserve a mention since I liked them too.


There’s something vintage about the packaging on this which makes me fall in love with it, but I love the scent less. It will still get used because my hands are almost as dry as my face. ($10 retail for full-size product)


I love looking at pretty manicures but I’m just not that good at it. I do like to try, so I’ll use this. The color “Victoria” is perfect for the winter. ($9.50 retail- this is full-size)


I love the smell of the Naobay Oxyegenating Cream moisturizer and I love that it’s plant-based. It’s a perfect size to throw in your makeup bag or purse. This is also my first Naobay product, so I’m interested to see what other items they offer. (full size product- $44 retail)

To say that this is my favorite subscription beauty box ever would be an understatement. I think there was a great value in this box for me personally, especially since I only paid $12 for the box. They did so well that I hope they can live up to my expectation for January!

Did you get Glossybox this month? Were you as impressed as I was?


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