Sale Makeup Haul – E.L.F. and Flower Beauty

I read earlier today about Eyes Lip Face (E.L.F.) gift sets being on sale at Target, so I went there as soon as possible before everything was all sold out. E.L.F. is probably my favorite budget beauty brand first off- because it’s cruelty-free and also because the products are always worth the money. My Target had a huge selection left and the kits started at $2.10 going up to $10 for the big set. I went with the smoky eye palette because I love the colors (this one was $2.10, regularly $3.00):


I also found two Sally Hansen glitter polishes. These didn’t have a clearance sticker but were on the end cap with the other sale products. One quick run over to the scanner showed these were only $1.60 each:


I’ve also been loving all these masks that I’ve been getting in my sub boxes, so I picked up a mask for $2.00 by Que Bella. I’ve never heard of this brand, but for the price it can’t be beat:


For all these beauty products, plus a bag of Christmas white chocolate M&Ms, I walked out the door paying less than $10 which made me one happy girl! (And since my husband took over the budget this month, it made him even happier)

Then I headed over to Walmart because I’ve been dying to check out the Flower Beauty products. If you’re not familiar with Flower, it’s the cosmetic line put out by Drew Barrymore. All of the Flower Beauty products are also cruelty-free and come in the cutest containers. I’d already peeped out the website so I kind of had an idea in mind of what I wanted and what to expect price-wise. Nail polishes were $5, lipsticks were around $8 and the foundation was about $10.

I was extremely excited when I found out that there were a bunch of sale products. I ended up with two Flower Beauty $5 eyeshadow palettes (normally $8) and two $3 lipsticks.

I’m really loving the vibrancy of the colors in the first palette.


The lipstick are similar to those colored pencils you had in school, where you take the top color off and put it on the bottom to get to the next color. There are 3 colors in each lipstick, that you can quickly change by removing the top and placing it on the bottom. I’ve only tried one color so far but I love how the color looked on my lips.


There were a few other Flower Beauty products that were on sale, including tinted moisturizer for $5 and mini concealers for $3, but I stopped myself there.

If you go check these sales out, let me know what you end up with!



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