Subscription Box Deals – Goodebox New Year Clearance Boxes

I was just scrolling through Facebook, looking for something or someone to entertain me when I got a sponsored post for Goodebox. If you’re not familiar with Facebook or “sponsored posts” they’re basically advertisements tailored to your search history or brands that you’ve liked in the past. Most of the time, they’re junk. For example, I always get diapers targeted to me. I don’t have a kid – don’t really ever see myself as a mom, but I get diaper posts? Uh-huh.

Lately with my subscription box stalking though, I’ve received some pretty awesome targeted posts. Today’s was one of those “where the heck is my credit card, find it NOW”  ads that I quickly took advantage of.

Goodebox is an all-natural box that contains beauty, wellness and lifestyle products. I’ve been wanting to take the plunge and surscribe, but haven’t yet. Their New Year clearance sale costs $20 and will contain 15 samples (and at least one of those will be a full-sized product) What I really like about this sale is that it is truly a one-time only purchase. They don’t auto enroll you in their subscription, so it’s not another box you have to remember to cancel. Also, a lot of us probably have resolutions to be healthier or more natural this year, so this is a great way to be exposed to some new products to help us achieve our goals.

This is the picture I saw in my news feed and they are also displaying on their website:


If you’d like to order the sale box, I recommend buying ASAP as the website says they normally sell out: Update 1/4/14 – these clearance boxes are now sold out.

Have you ever tried Goodebox? Do you know of any other subscription box deals? If so, make sure to leave them below and spread the love.



3 thoughts on “Subscription Box Deals – Goodebox New Year Clearance Boxes

  1. I ordered one as soon as I saw the email. I don’t have Goodebox yet, but was planning on starting a subscription soon. I’m sure this clearance box will win me over instantly.

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