Wantable Makeup Box – January 2014 Review

Ever since discovering Birchbox a few years ago, it’s been my goal to try all of the beauty boxes. I started with the cheap ones (Ipsy, Birchbox) now I’m making my way up to the more costly ones (Glossybox, Wantable) Wantable is one of the most expensive ones, at $36 a month BUT they promise 4-5 full-sized products.

I’m still trying to come down from my December ’13 Glossybox high, so Wantable had big shoes to fill. The retail value of my box was $75.50. So for $36, I received double the retail value. However, I’m always concerned with getting my money’s worth more than what it would cost in the store.  (If I wouldn’t buy it in the store, then why does it matter what the retail value of it is?)

One thing that I’ve noticed about Wantable is that they try to keep your loves, likes and dislikes in mind when picking your products. My survey shows that I love brows, eyeliner, blush, highlighter, lip color and bronzer and that I like eye shadows and nail polish. I don’t really have any beauty hates other than fake eyelashes. And that’s mainly due to my own incompetence. I wore them for my wedding and loved the way they looked on me, but I just can’t apply them myself even after watching YouTube videos labelled “applying lashes for dummies”

So without further ado, let’s see what my $36 got me:


At first look, I was enamored with all the pretty packaging and noticed that I wasn’t familiar with any of the brands in the box. This is one of the best things about subscription boxes!

I’ll start with my two favorite items. The Sorme shimmer glow brush got me all kinds of excited. I used to have a similar product from the Victoria’s Secret beauty line that I wore every day and loved. The packaging of this product is also great. At first, I thought mine was broken but I realized the silver piece moves up to protect the brush. Genius! (Sorme Shimmer Glow Wand in Rosy – retail value $24)



The only sad thing that I can say about this is there’s not a ton of pigment and it really is just shimmer. I originally thought it would be more of a blush/shimmer combo, but I was wrong.


1-photo 2

You can see from the swatch it’s just a nice sheer shimmer. This will be great to add a nice healthy glow to my obviously pale skin.

The next product was the Bella il Fiore Rosie Lip gloss. I’ve received a few glosses lately, but I never get sick of them. Mine always seem to end up in the wash or I lose them, so enough is never really enough when it comes to lip gloss. (Bella il Fiore Shine On lip gloss in Rosie – retail value $11)


After swatching this on my arm, I noticed it was a little sticky but a great color. I then had to rub the swatch on my lips and I swear it tastes like Twizzlers. If anyone else has used this product, please confirm this to me because I think I might be going crazy.


1-photo 3

I’ve been begging Ipsy for some beauty tools, so I was pleasantly surprised to see a brush in here. After researching the brand, I found that Michael Marcus doesn’t have the best reviews for its line of cosmetics. I haven’t used my brush yet, but I’ll let you know how it pans out.

This is a primer brush that you can use for concealer or primer:


The brush seems really sturdy, so I hope that his brush line is better than his cosmetics line. Dear every beauty box in America, please keep sending me tools! (Michael Marcus Prime Foundation brush- retail value $20)

Next up are the two polishes. Face Stockholm and The Color Club:


Le sigh. These are both really pretty colors, but I have a ton of blue polishes:


After taking this picture, I found another blue Old Navy polish, so that makes the count 5. I’m not a nail polish hoarder like some of you ladies out there, so I really only need 1 or 2 in each color!

Of the two colors, I think I like the Face Stockholm in Want-a-blue more since it has hints of purple in it. I can see a really cute mani/pedi coming out of this polish:

The Color Club polish in Personal Stylist is also very pretty but I may need to email Wantable directly and put in a request to send me different colors if they are going to send duplicate items. I’m less excited about the Color Club polish than the Face Stockholm one. (Color Club In True Fashion Polish Personal Stylist – retail value of $8)

I really loved the variety of my Wantable Accessories box, but I felt like the variety wasn’t there with this box. I am really loving two of the products and am open-minded about the brush, so I won’t be returning my January box. Side note, Wantable is the only beauty box that I know of that lets you return your box for credit if you are unhappy with it so I’m really loving this aspect of it! However, the box didn’t completely blow me away for the price point. I think this will be one that I cancel for now and re-visit in the future.

Have you ever tried any of the Wantable boxes? How did you like it?



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