Hi world! I’m Courtney.

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I’ve been married for two years to an awesome man that always makes me laugh. We met at work and actually still work together! You would think we’d get sick of each other, but we never do. We have two fur children (no real babies yet–or ever, if I can help it) and we have the perfect little family! I love getting any kind of mail, but I have an extra love affair for any mail in the form of packages. I usually find myself creating Excel Spreadsheets with tracking #s so I can stalk my boxes all day long. What better way to further my addiction than by writing about these things?

I have a huge obsession with all things pretty and sparkly, especially if it’s jewelry or makeup. Jewelmint defined my style as “The Artist” because I love rock ‘n roll pieces, but I also have a desire to be feminine and girly. I’m not a guru, so don’t expect to be impressed by any of my techniques, but I will bring you product reviews and box reviews as the average American 20-something woman sees it. If you have any product or box that you’re hoping for me to review, please let me know!

Please keep my comment area snark-free please. We can all agree to disagree on products or subscriptions, but there’s no need for name-calling.


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