Subscription Box Deals – LeTote, Naturebox

Hello everyone! I’m back and in the swing of things again with a few deals for you:

LeTote sent me a $10 coupon code that’s only valid for the next 3 days. I’ve been considering doing the jewelry one, but apparently this code only works for clothing. It’s $49 a month, but it’s a rental service where you send the clothes back and receive new ones. The $10 off code would make it $39 (plus $5 a month if you want insurance) The promo code is: BRITCO

Naturebox is on Groupon (again) I loved the taste of all my Naturebox goodies, but HATE that they make it so difficult to cancel. I did discover though that they will let you cancel via email, unlike before where you had to call in. The deal is $35 for a three-month subscription.

I thought that PopSugar had a new code too, but the one I had expired. Anyone know of any other good deals out there?


Glossybox – February 2014 Spoiler Alert

I was reading the Glossybox thread on today and was so surprised to find out that there are people out there that still haven’t received their January boxes. I was one of the lucky ones, I guess, since I received mine weeks ago. 

Glossybox is my favorite subscription box product-wise, but this January debacle is sort of making me scratch my head about the company itself. First off, I haven’t received a single announcement email from them. The only emails I receive are the ones stating that my box has shipped. I don’t receive spoilers nor did I receive an email about the delay. I also tried checking my Junk folder and they didn’t wind up there either. 

If anyone has read my blog and ended up one of the frustrated customers out there, then I’m truly sorry. I still love Glossybox but I want to make sure to stay honest here by giving the pros and cons. Here’s to hoping February is better.

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Subscription Box Deal – Naturebox

Hey guys! I’m back with a great deal for you. Naturebox is offering a three-month subscription for $35 on Groupon. Each monthly box will contain 5 full-sized snacks. I’ve received a few boxes from them and really loved the snacks that they offer. My favorite is the blueberry almonds or the lemon-pucker pistachios.


The only thing that I don’t like about Naturebox is they make it hard to cancel. They don’t make it easy by putting a link to cancel on their website like most subscription boxes. You have to call them directly (however, the Groupon states that you can email to cancel, so maybe they have changed this policy.)

The first box is usually a surprise mix of snacks, but if you have dietary concerns or would like to customize it, reach out to their Facebook page or by emailing them. I was able to customize my first box simply by asking.

If you decide to buy this voucher, let me know what you think!

demo7 – January 2014 Review

Meundies has been on my radar for awhile. The advertisements hailing them as the greatest pair of underwear you’ll ever own certainly grabbed my attention. At $20 a pair, these underwear must be pretty freaking magical. I mean, I usually buy 5 pairs for that price at Victoria’s Secret.

When I got a $20 gift card in my Winter FabFitFun box, I knew it was meant for me. I went on the website pretty immediately and made my order for a pair of socks and underwear. I put my order on auto-ship, so it only cost me $4 for both items after the gift card. Not bad at all!


I sat down to write this review then realized I never got my socks. So, there’s that. I just emailed the company asking for status, so I’ll make sure to update this post once/if I ever get a response or my socks. Another thing that bothered me was that I received a shipping notification (no tracking # though), so I assumed my socks and undies were included. The email never said anything about it being a partial order the way that Amazon or Ulta does. A few days after the email notification, I got an email from a Customer Service agent asking me to pick out a different pair. Almost all of them were sold out in my size, so I ended up going with the color of the month which is camo. I feel a little Duck Dynasty-ish with these, but it’s not like anyone’s going to see them anyway.



First thought, they are extremely soft but also stretchy. They feel a little bit like the seamless bikini briefs I’ve bought from Victoria’s Secret before but these are even softer.

Trying them on and wearing them for a little bit, I love them even more. They really are comfortable, almost like you’re not wearing any at all (TMI??) I’m a little too cheap to invest $16 (auto-ship price) or $20 (one-time price) on them, but I’m thankful to FFF for the chance to try them out.

I also got a promo code in my email today for 33% off your entire cart for first-time customers only. If you’d like to take advantage of this, use the code: 33CART (This code is only valid for the next 10 hours or so)

So far, I would recommend them as far as quality goes but I think they were underprepared for the amount of orders they received recently. I’ll make sure to update with any new promo codes and as soon as they fix my issue.

Update: my socks came in the mail yesterday! Not sure how I got the socks after the undies since these should have been shipped first, but it all worked out. I would give them 5 stars for their customer service too. They contacted me back almost immediately about my “lost'” socks. Here are a few snaps of the socks:



I think I love the socks even more than the undies. They are super comfortable and really cute. I would definitely buy these socks again as a gift or for myself.

Have you tried Meundies before? What did you think?


Subscription Box Deals – Darby Smart Promo Code & January 2014 Spoiler

With the internet nowadays (namely Pinterest) everyone is dying to DIY. I love Darby Smart because it gives a way for us not-so-crafty folks that want to pretend to be crafty, an easy way to do it. With step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need, anyone can be a success.

I ordered a kit from Darby Smart via a Facebook promo last year to make my own bracelet but haven’t sat down to make it yet. I still love reading their emails and wishing for the day that I was a lot better at this stuff than I am. I made a one-time order with them, so I was really excited to see that they have a monthly surprise box. It’s $19 and there’s a new promo code of my2014 that makes it only $9.50. The January box ships on 1/20, so if you want to order – make sure to act fast. If you don’t want to see the spoiler, then head straight to Darby Smart to order:

If you LOVE spoilers, read ahead:

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I’m comparing myself to everyone else around me.

I never grew up in an environment where I was encouraged to love myself for who I am. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like I grew up in a family that felt the need to constantly point out my flaws, but I was never appreciated for my strengths either. I think the biggest problem was being the middle kid with a brother and sister with disabilities. There were problems that were way bigger than my self-esteem and whether I loved myself or not.

I can’t point to a specific moment when this started happening, but I can’t think of a time where I didn’t do this either. From a very small age, I’ve always felt like I wasn’t enough. Whether it was because we were poor and my clothes were cheap, not being beautiful enough like the popular kids in my school, not having enough friends or social status, whatever it was–there was always a reason that I felt so small. I haven’t spent my entire life miserable. There have been times where I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and saw something I liked but it’s never been enough to make me feel whole.

I still don’t feel like enough and maybe I never will. I still look at people on the street and imagine how perfect their lives are and how imperfect mine is. This comparing thing has gotten better for me since meeting my husband. He always builds me up by telling me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me for me. I know I have lots of flaws, but whenever I ask him what I can improve on, he tells me I’m perfect and I shouldn’t change anything. (I know he’s full of it but I love him for lying to me.) He understands why I have my low days and why I sometimes feel inadequate but he doesn’t allow me to wallow or bask in it. He’s so good at making me feel as complete as possible.

I hope that I can have one day in this life, where I don’t compare myself to every actress and model on TV and where I feel like I AM beautiful and I AM enough. I don’t know if it will ever happen for me, but surrounding myself with wonderful people like my husband is a good place to start.