Your Bijoux Box – January 2014 review

I originally got addicted to subscription boxes through beauty boxes, but I think I love accessories and jewelry boxes even more. As much as makeup can really improve the way your face looks, jewelry can do the same for the outfit. Your Bijoux Box is $35 per month and offers 2-3 pieces per box. If you use the code SPARKLES with your order, you can also get a free bonus piece. I ended up with 4 pieces and I love all of them.

Here’s the first look at my box:


I love how beautifully wrapped it is and also the color of the tissue paper! There’s also a little card explaining each of the pieces:


My favorite piece is the Tortoise Fitzgerald Collar. The chain is really sturdy and it feels well made. The color is also really cute. I’ve worn this a few times already since receiving my box.1-IMG_2459


There’s also similar earrings:


I haven’t worn the earrings yet, even though I suppose I could wear them with the necklace. Both pieces are really fun and totally my style.

I saw the Snow Flower necklace spoiler on Instagram, but oh my gosh it’s so darling in person:


I have a bunch of similar necklaces, but nothing in this color. This also feels really sturdy and well made which is really important to me. I hate having jewelry that I fall in love with that breaks after a few wears. I think these pieces will last me awhile.

My bonus piece was this gold long necklace:


I do have something pretty similar to this already, but I still really like it. This is a great every day necklace that matches everything in my closet.

This was my first Bijoux Box and overall, I’m extremely impressed. If I compare this box versus Wantable, my other accessories box for the month, this one wins hands down. The quality seems a lot sturdier and I love that Your Bijoux Box seems to have more WOW pieces.

If you want to sign up for Your Bijoux Box, visit: make sure to use the code SPARKLES for a free bonus piece!




Jewelmint – New Year, New You Mystery Box review

JewelMint has always been one of those ‘great in theory, but poor in execution’ companies for me. They are one of the original subscription box companies, but sadly none of the items that I have received from them have ever filled me with that much excitement where I would recommend them to my friends.

When I received the email about the New Year, New You mystery box a few weeks ago, I knew I’d probably be disappointed but the promise of one lucky lady receiving a Louis Vuitton purse was enough for me to jump and buy the box.


I immediately started stalking my email for my tracking info once I placed the order. After I saw that my package only weighed 0.3 pounds, I knew I wasn’t the winner (boo!) but I also wondered if anything was actually in my box. Doesn’t the box and packing materials alone weigh 0.3 pounds?

I didn’t know what to expect from this mystery box but I was hoping for some kind of statement necklace or giant ring. As soon as I saw this small box, my hopes of any kind of statement piece were crushed:


(Ok, it’s kind of sad but this box is my favorite part of everything I received!)

My mystery box contained 3 bracelets. Two of the same style – one snakeskin and one black and then another bracelet that’s working with the gold & silver combo.



The first two bracelets with the studs scream “Courtney” but the 3rd one is not me at all and in fact, I thought it was a little cheap looking.

I’m really, truly in love with the studded bracelets. I love that the three studs slide, so you can wear them all moved to the center or try to space them out. My only bone to pick is that they don’t look good together at all:

1-photo 3 (1)

In fact, I think they look downright silly together. I understand the ‘arm candy’ craze so I get why they sent me a few bracelets, but if the bracelets don’t look right together then why would they send me the exact same ones? It’s a bit of a mystery to me. I guess it also didn’t help that I received this box the same day that I got my Wantables Accessories box. I loved everything in that box, so then when I opened this I was all “meh”

I wish that I could return this box, but their mystery boxes are strictly “no returns” so I’m stuck with it. I’ll figure out a way to make the first two bracelets work.

When you buy a mystery box, you’re immediately signed up for their subscription service which is $29.95 a month. It’s very easy to cancel though – one email to their customer service team and BOOM, you’re unsubscribed.  They don’t even try to talk you out of it. (Can you tell that I already unsubscribed?) I might give JewelMint a few more tries in the future since I know a few people out there have had good experiences, but for now I don’t consider myself a happy customer.

Have you ever tried any mystery boxes or tried your luck with JewelMint? If so, how did you like it? Are there any other companies out there that you want to like but find yourself NOT liking it?


Wantable Accessories Review – December 2013

Jewelry is always the most important part of the outfit. I could walk out of the house in a blah kind of outfit but I could make it fabulous with accessories. It was only a matter of time before I was forced to try out a few jewelry subscription boxes.

I’ve heard lots of good things about the Wantable makeup box, so I had high hopes for the accessories box. I’m happy to say that it lived up to the hype for me. For $36, you get 3 accessories handpicked to match your style based on a survey that you take at checkout. Friends and family would call my style “alternative” or “hipster” but I call it rock-and-roll chic with a touch of feminity. Wantable really understood this made up pseudo-style and picked out 3 items that I would buy for myself. I also love that you can give preference on all the options. For example, you can pick whether you want to receive silver/gold/both and also what styles you get: hair accessories, rings, bracelets, etc.

My box had a headband, a gold bike chain necklace and a silver “punky” ring:


The first piece I took out of the box was the headband. You’ll never find a day that I walk out of the house without some kind of hair accessory, whether it be a beanie, a headband or a decorative bobby pin. I love the print on this and also the knot on the side. The print is really fun and I don’t own anything like this, so it’s great for my collection:


I just remember being in school and all the gothic kids having huge bike chain necklaces. I was immediately reminded of this as soon as I saw my bike chain necklace. This is more dainty than the necklaces of my past, but still very edgy. I put it on when I received my box and haven’t taken it off since. I also love the fact that it’s gold because I think it makes it look a little more classy and less like I took a chain off a bike and threw it on my neck.


Finally, my punky ring! I love the concept of this and was immediately in love even though I don’t consider myself a ring person. The only sad thing is this is a Size 7 even though I specified at checkout I needed a 9. I’ve been wearing it on my pinky and I love how comfortable it is.

1-IMG_1966 1-IMG_1964

I’ve already emailed Wantable’s CS team and they’re going to be sending me a new one in the right size.

I love that my pieces were a completely different style from other pictures that I’ve seen in the past. It proves to me that they really take your quiz into consideration when selecting the items for your box. Overall, I’m extremely thrilled by the Wantable Accessories box and can’t wait for my January box.

If you’re interested in any of the Wantable boxes, you can sign up here: (referral link) After being so happy with my Accessories box, I also ordered the Makeup box.

Have you ever tried Wantable before? Did you find that they really understood your likes and dislikes?



Update (1/2/14) I received my replacement piece already in the correct size and I think I love it more than my original ring:

1-photo (31)

I’m not only extremely satisfied with the contents of my box, I’m really impressed by their speediness and their willing to make things right. Wantable gets an A+ from me.