Glossybox January 2014 Review

I’m so happy, guys! I wasn’t expecting Glossybox for another week or so since they announced their delay, but it arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I signed up for Glossybox with the LivingSocial deal, but I would have paid full price for this box. The Beautyblender + cleanser is worth $20, so in essence – you’re getting the Beautyblender with 4 other products for free. ┬áHere’s the first look at my box:


And the pamphlet that explains all the products:


At first glance, the products are smaller sized than last month’s box, but I think that this was still a good box. There’s a variety of makeup, skincare, bath and beauty products, which is why I enjoy Glossybox so much.

My favorite product is probably everyone’s favorite. The Beautyblender. I’ve been dying to get one since every Youtube blogger refers to it as a holy grail product. I did try the Ulta brand one and thought it was about the same as a makeup sponge, but I’m told that the Ulta one pails in comparison to this one. I can’t wait to give it a try. I also love that they gave us the “pure” white one. Who really wants any extra dyes on their sponge?


My second favorite product is the Bellapierre Mineral blush. The color is really light and sheer that it will make an awesome addition to my collection. The size is pretty decent too. Since I only use a little bit at a time, this will last me awhile.


I take bubble baths every night, so any bubble bath or body wash that promises “foaming” action gets me really excited. I already used all of my body wash from last month’s box, so this will be used in a week. My only complaint is that I wish the bottle was bigger. Balance Me Super Toning Body wash:


I’ve gotten pretty into skincare lately, so Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream is pretty awesome for me too. This is paraben-free and is supposed to lock in moisture for 48-hours. Sign me up!


Every beauty box has some kind of “meh” or “not for me” product in it, and the Sea Salt Texturising spray is that for me. It’s supposed to give you a beachy/tousled hair look, but my hair is pretty flat.



Overall, I’m really happy with January’s box. There’s 4 products that I really love and am excited to try and only 1 that’s going into the trade pile. I believe I paid about $13 for this box with the LivingSocial deal and promo code, so I definitely got my money’s worth. I have one more month with my voucher, then I have to decide if I want to continue with it and pay full price.

Did you get January’s Glossybox? What did you think of it? Also, have you ever tried a Beautyblender? Is it as amazing as people say it is?






Glossybox December 2013

I know I’m late to the game on this, but oh my goodness. Glossybox beats all other beauty boxes out of the water. All this time I was babbling on and on about the greatness of Ipsy, someone should have informed me that Glossybox was where it’s really at.

When I saw a 3-month subscription deal on LivingSocial, I snatched it up almost immediately. I also had a 20% off promo code and ended up paying $36 for three months. (The LivingSocial deal is now sold-out for the 3-month subscription, but rumor is that you can still buy the 1-month sub on the LivingSocial app.) The retail value is $21 per month, so I’m extremely pleased with this deal but I’m kicking myself for not buying the 6 month one!

I have a problem with stalking the spoilers. Some people may say that it takes the fun and mystery out of subscription boxes, but I think it’s the best part. Yes, I’m also the girl that peeks at her Christmas presents, so I guess you could say I hate surprises. Since I saw the spoilers already, I knew there was no makeup in the box, which was a plus for me and extremely welcomed. (Please take note, Ipsy)

I’ve been stalking my box for the last week via the USPS website. I knew my box was coming today and sure enough, I came home with it waiting for me on the porch. Look how beautiful this thing is:


I don’t think I’ve ever received this nice of a box with any of my subscriptions. Just like a little kid, I’m almost just as excited about the box itself as its contents inside. We’re in the process of making a vanity, so this will be great on top of it for storage of my frequently used products.

The wrapping is immaculate and done with complete care:Image


If this doesn’t make you even more excited than there’s something wrong with you.

Like most boxes, there’s a card explaining the products in the box. I wish there was more of a description about why the products were chosen (similar to FabFitFun’s winter box) instead of just a blurb on the products.


I think you can sense a winter theme here: moisture and skincare. Living in cold Chicago with super dry skin, I appreciate this. No really, I do:


I’m really not into floral scents, but I actually like the smell of this body wash. It’s pretty light and isn’t overpowering as some floral scents are. I love taking baths so I’m wondering if this will hold up as a good bubble bath or not.Image

I was initially in love with this because of the bottle alone. I expected it to be more expensive, but at $5.50 retail for the full-sized product, this is extremely affordable and would make a great gift. The back of the bottle is my favorite part:


The consensus seems to be that the Michael Todd pumpkin mask is the crowd’s favorite item this month. I’d have to agree. It’s different enough that 95% of us probably don’t already have it but it’s not too weird that it won’t get used. It smells like canned pumpkin so I can’t wait to use this on my face. ($34 retail for full-sized product)


One thing I really love about these beauty boxes is discovering new brands. I have Birchbox to thank for discovering Fresh’s Sugar Lip treatment and Juice Beauty’s organic anti-aging line, now I have Glossybox to thank for Michael Todd.

The body wash and pumpkin mask were my two favorite items this month, but the other items still deserve a mention since I liked them too.


There’s something vintage about the packaging on this which makes me fall in love with it, but I love the scent less. It will still get used because my hands are almost as dry as my face. ($10 retail for full-size product)


I love looking at pretty manicures but I’m just not that good at it. I do like to try, so I’ll use this. The color “Victoria” is perfect for the winter. ($9.50 retail- this is full-size)


I love the smell of the Naobay Oxyegenating Cream moisturizer and I love that it’s plant-based. It’s a perfect size to throw in your makeup bag or purse. This is also my first Naobay product, so I’m interested to see what other items they offer. (full size product- $44 retail)

To say that this is my favorite subscription beauty box ever would be an understatement. I think there was a great value in this box for me personally, especially since I only paid $12 for the box. They did so well that I hope they can live up to my expectation for January!

Did you get Glossybox this month? Were you as impressed as I was?