Valentine’s Day Deals!

My husband doesn’t usually buy me a present for holidays like V-day, he just tells me to pick something up at the store for myself.  Some women may be offended by the lack of effort, but I’d prefer to get what I want and spend the same amount of money, rather than him coming home with a stuffed teddy bear from CVS. So all of these crazy V-day deals are perfect for people like me!

If you’re looking for a last minute present or just want to spoil yourself, here’s a list of what I’ve found today:

-Bath and Body Works is offering a free Diamond Mist spray ($16 value) with any purchase. You can pick up a little mini lotion or even some soap for a few bucks. All you have to do is go to their Facebook page, click Get Offer then print the email.


Le Tote is offering $15 off their boutique box, which would make it $35 for the first month. Le Tote is a subscription clothing rental service that has lots of cute items! Use code LTVDAY2014 at checkout. (expires 2/16)

-Benefit Cosmetics is giving a free eye and brow kit with any $75 purchase. Use code BEMINE at checkout.



Carson’s has a promo code for an extra 30% any woman’s apparel yellow dot item. The code is PRESDOT2014 and is valid through Monday 2/17.

Any other deals anyone wants to share out there?


Subscription Box Deals: PopSugar, New Beauty TestTube

Yay! I love holidays because it means LOTS of subscription box deals and goodies to go around!

PopSugar MustHave is offering $10 off a subscription, which would make it $29.95! I learned with PSMH codes that if you’re a current subscriber, make sure to CANCEL your current subscription before buying a new one with the code. I read online where a girl was a current subscriber, used a code and ended up with two boxes. Their customer service said too bad, so sad. What does a girl need two boxes for? Anyway… the code is BOX10 and it’s valid through 2/25. I just got my February box in the mail and will be posting the review soon!

New Beauty TestTube is offering 30% off for new subscriptions! There’s no promo code to enter, just click this direct link and it will offer you the price of $20.95. I’ve never received a TestTube but I may give it a shot with this awesome promo code.

-Sadly, there’s no Glossybox discount code, but if you just have to have the box anyway, use the code HEARTS to get a free lipstick. I haven’t been overly enthused by the spoilers yet this month, but I’ve loved the past two GB’s that I’ve received. (offer expires 2/16)

Birchbox teamed up with US Weekly this month and I’m hoping my box rocks. If you sign up by using the code USWEEKLY100, you get 100 bonus points to use in their shop, which is essentially $10. You’ll also receive 12 issues of US Weekly which is a $10 value also.

This is non-subscription box deal related, but Bath and Body Works has a sale on their mason jar candles for $7 (regularly $12.50) Their spring candles smell divine and they burn so well! My favorites are the Raspberry Peach Macaroon and the Watermelon Lemonade. They also have a few codes, so pick whichever one makes your deal the best.

-CUPID25 ($1 shipping for purchases over $25)
-RMN20FEB (20% off)
-S141770 (Save $10 off a $30 purchase)
-F131769 (Save 20% off a $25 purchase) expires 2/23
-ALOHA20 (Save 20% off any online purchase) expires 5/4

-Another non-subscription box deal, but way too good of a deal to pass up. Get a free Smashbox eyeliner/mascara duo ($21 value) with any $10 purchase to You have to pay shipping, but if you have a Shoprunner account, you’ll get free shipping. No code required, but click this link to get the deal. All you have to do is add $10 worth of merchandise to your cart and the mascara will be added to your cart automatically. (I think my favorite thing that’s on sale on their website right now is loose pigments and nail polish by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.)


Whew! Now I feel like I need to go on a shopping spree with all these awesome deals circulating. Which one will you be picking up today?

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Ipsy – January 2014 Review

Ipsy is the only subscription box that I haven’t cancelled since discovering beauty boxes last year. The value is always at least $10 even if I don’t like every product. This month was one of the weaker months for me, but I still feel like I got my money’s worth. My only complaint is that they don’t seem to take your beauty survey into account when picking your bag.

Here’s the first glance at my bag:


I’ll go in order with the excitement level I have for the products. First up, is the Nourish Organics face lotion. I received another Nourish product a few months ago and it was one of my favorite products. I love that it’s organic and I can always use hydration products. This is a smaller size sample but it will still last me awhile.


The Elizabeth Mott mascara that I received in my Ipsy bag a few months ago was probably my favorite Ipsy product EVER. I loved it so much that I don’t want to use it for fear of running out. I will be purchasing a full-size product soon so I can start using it again. I was pretty happy when I checked my Glam room to find out I’d be receiving another one of her products. I don’t love creamy eye shadows as much as I like the powder version, but I’m always happy to try out new products.


I was initially bummed when I found out I’d be receiving the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair mask. I don’t have hair products selected on my profile, so I’m still at a loss as to why I received it. However, after using it once already I love how soft it made my hair. My hair is severely damaged from years of at-home coloring. I don’t know whether one use of this has made any difference, but I’m going to keep using it to find out.


Next up, Mica Beauty tinted lip gloss. The color is okay but similar to a few others that I already own. I’m one of those girls that hate potted lip glosses, so I’m going to have to buy a brush to go with this.


I hate Proactiv. After being young and getting sucked into their reoccuring payment plans, I vowed to never buy another product from them. I really didn’t want these pads at all and it was the one item that I groaned about. However, since I’ll try them or trade them away.


The bag itself was really cute, but made out of vinyl. It smells like a pool toy. I’m of the minority that I really don’t care about the makeup bags anyway, since I have more of them than I know what to do with. I’ll set it aside with my other makeup bags that I have no use for.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with my January glam bag. A few products I was meh on, but I love that Ipsy has introduced me to Elizabeth Mott and Nourish Organics–both brands that have awesome products that I’d never heard of before. If you aren’t an Ipsy member, I highly recommend checking them out here. Even if they don’t always get it right, it’s worth the $10.

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Subscription box deal – Birchbox

A few weeks ago, I found out that February’s Birchbox was going to be a collaboration with US Weekly. I am a former Birchbox subscriber, but wasn’t always happy with my boxes. (This is actually what made me switch over to Ipsy) I decided to request an invite for February’s box and give them another try.


I’ve been waiting for their boxes to switch over to February, but received an email today saying there were still January boxes left. This is what it said:

Hi there,

Can’t wait for the February Us Weekly box? You don’t have to! Receive January’s Birchbox by joining today—and you’ll start sampling the best in beauty and lifestyle that much sooner. (Don’t worry, you’ll still get February’s Us Weekly box, we’re just giving you early access to all that Birchbox has to offer.)

Claim your subscription today and you’ll earn 100 Birchbox Points—aka $10 off anything in our Shop.* This includes a 12-issue subscription to Us Weekly as part of our exclusive Us Weekly box!**

Click below to select your subscription and get your first Birchbox this month.

This is a great deal. In essence, your January or February’s US Weekly box would be free with the points. If you are interested in signing up, click here. Make sure to use the code USWEEKLY100 to get the bonus points.

edit: The email didn’t include any terms, but their website states that this code is only valid for new subscribers. Guess I won’t be getting the points!

demo7 – January 2014 Review

Meundies has been on my radar for awhile. The advertisements hailing them as the greatest pair of underwear you’ll ever own certainly grabbed my attention. At $20 a pair, these underwear must be pretty freaking magical. I mean, I usually buy 5 pairs for that price at Victoria’s Secret.

When I got a $20 gift card in my Winter FabFitFun box, I knew it was meant for me. I went on the website pretty immediately and made my order for a pair of socks and underwear. I put my order on auto-ship, so it only cost me $4 for both items after the gift card. Not bad at all!


I sat down to write this review then realized I never got my socks. So, there’s that. I just emailed the company asking for status, so I’ll make sure to update this post once/if I ever get a response or my socks. Another thing that bothered me was that I received a shipping notification (no tracking # though), so I assumed my socks and undies were included. The email never said anything about it being a partial order the way that Amazon or Ulta does. A few days after the email notification, I got an email from a Customer Service agent asking me to pick out a different pair. Almost all of them were sold out in my size, so I ended up going with the color of the month which is camo. I feel a little Duck Dynasty-ish with these, but it’s not like anyone’s going to see them anyway.



First thought, they are extremely soft but also stretchy. They feel a little bit like the seamless bikini briefs I’ve bought from Victoria’s Secret before but these are even softer.

Trying them on and wearing them for a little bit, I love them even more. They really are comfortable, almost like you’re not wearing any at all (TMI??) I’m a little too cheap to invest $16 (auto-ship price) or $20 (one-time price) on them, but I’m thankful to FFF for the chance to try them out.

I also got a promo code in my email today for 33% off your entire cart for first-time customers only. If you’d like to take advantage of this, use the code: 33CART (This code is only valid for the next 10 hours or so)

So far, I would recommend them as far as quality goes but I think they were underprepared for the amount of orders they received recently. I’ll make sure to update with any new promo codes and as soon as they fix my issue.

Update: my socks came in the mail yesterday! Not sure how I got the socks after the undies since these should have been shipped first, but it all worked out. I would give them 5 stars for their customer service too. They contacted me back almost immediately about my “lost'” socks. Here are a few snaps of the socks:



I think I love the socks even more than the undies. They are super comfortable and really cute. I would definitely buy these socks again as a gift or for myself.

Have you tried Meundies before? What did you think?


Hazel Lane – January 2014 Review

I don’t remember how I discovered Hazel Lane, but I think it had something to do with searching #subscriptionbox on Instagram. I’m on the hunt for a unique monthly box and I think I may have found that in Hazel Lane. Each month they pick a different city and choose different products that represent that city. They offer 4 different City Explorer subscription boxes: Large City Explorer ($99.99/month), City Explorer Deluxe ($59.99/month) City Explorer ($39.99/month) and the Mini City Explorer ($19.99/month) They also offer men’s boxes, children’s boxes and a specialty box.

I ordered the Mini City Explorer which was $19.99 + $5 shipping for a total of $24.99. This month’s theme was San Francisco. Anyone in the Midwest this week needs a little escape to the West Coast. Don’t believe me? Here’s why:


(this is me trying to climb to the top of the snow bank outside of my apartment. If you can’t tell, the snow bank is higher than the cars behind it)

Yeah.. I was hoping for some bottled warmth or sunshine. Not sure how they could have made that possible, BUT they did manage to warm my heart with their hand written note:

1-photo 1

And my feet with these superb Argoz socks:


1-photo 3

I absolutely love all things argyle, especially socks. These are extremely warm and soft. They will get a lot of use this winter. ($18 retail value)

Next up was a product that I’ve heard of. In my hunt for eating non-processed foods and eating as natural as possible, I discovered Krave beef jerky. It’s been on my Amazon Wish list for about a year, but I’ve never actually ordered it.


We ripped this open in preparation for my blog — because how can I write about a food product if I didn’t taste it — and sadly, this is now all gone. It is THAT freaking good. Chili Lime sounded a little strange to me, but the taste was perfect. I’m going to be ordering some of this later in the week, so thank you Hazel Lane for letting me try this before buying! (retail value $3.49)

Whenever we travel, we go to the souvenir shops to pick up stuff for family because they’re into the kitschy t-shirts and magnets. As for me, I’d rather pick up a local product to remind me of my trip, rather than it be such a blatant statement. After all, how many city t-shirts can you have taking up drawer space? This Noteify notebook is the perfect souvenir I would pick out for myself:


I’m really digging it. It’s also the perfect size to throw in my purse without it getting in the way. ($8.00 retail value)

And I saved the best for last:


Philz Coffee – Tesora coffee sample. From their website: “Seven years in the making and the first blend to ever be created, the Tesora is a treasure that consists of the most valuable and complex jewels of coffee. If it is your first time visiting Philz coffee, we highly recommend you order our Tesora blend. Tesora, A grand representation of our coffee and the way coffee should taste!”

This is delicious and puts all other store-bought coffee to shame. I love coffee but I normally have to douse it with cream. in order to consider it drinkable. This one doesn’t require that. It’s amazing as is.  (I can’t find the same size sample for a price estimate, but I would say around $5)


Hazel Lane is a pretty new subscription box and I think they did a great job! The only thing that I would suggest as an improvement for the future is to include a card why each of the products were chosen or even a background on the company. I love reading these and they get me even more pumped about the products.

What did you think of this month’s box? As an aside, I tried a new photography trick that a friend found on Pinterest  and I love how it turned out. I was going to include a tutorial on the bottom of this post, but to save it from being too long and off-topic, I will post about it tomorrow!


Subscription Box Deals- Citrus Lane and Plated

I hate that I haven’t had any subscription box reviews to post lately, but it’s been dead on the mail front. I don’t know if it’s just because of our horrible weather or what, but my mailbox has been empty all week 😦

Here are some new deals that I found today:

Plated: This is another meal delivery service that’s only available in certain areas. You can get a box with four meals for free, just pay $20 S&H with the code freefbplates. Buy here.

Their menu looks amazing for this week with selections such as “Seared Salmon with Winter Citrus Salad” and “Chicken with White Wine Pan Sauce.”

Citrus Lane:  Citrus Lane is a subscription box that offers products for both kids and parents. You can expect at least 4 products in each box. Use promo code PlumGet3 for a 3-month subscription at $20/per box (normally $24) or PlumGet6 for a 6-month subscription at $16 per box (normally $21.) Buy here.

Let me know if you take advantage of this deal or if you know of any other deals!